Analysis: NSA bill barely touches the agency's vast powers

The surveillance law enacted this week stands as the most significant curb on the government's investigative authorities since the 1970s. But it's practically inconsequential in the universe of the National Security Agency's ...

US issues new rules limiting antibiotic use in animals

The agency that regulates food and drugs in the United States has drawn up new rules restricting the use of antibiotics in livestock in an effort to combat a growing resistance to the drugs.

Spain's crisis has taken environmental toll: Greenpeace

Spain's economic crisis and successive corruption scandals have led to looser environmental regulations which have taken a huge toll on the environment, Greenpeace said in a report published Wednesday.

Bethesda to launch new 'Fallout' video game

Bethesda Game Studios on Wednesday confirmed that it is preparing to launch a keenly anticipated new installment to the blockbuster 'Fallout' video game franchise.

Showtime to offer streaming service

Premium channel Showtime said Wednesday it would launch a streaming service in July, offering movies, original series and sports programming to subscribers without cable subscriptions via desktop computers and Apple devices.

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