Laos hydro project switched on along dried-out Mekong

A multi-billion dollar hydro-electric power plant on the Mekong river in Laos was officially switched on Tuesday, as drone images of dried-up downstream areas stirred fresh outcry on one of the world's great rivers.

Swiss lament glacier melting as UN focuses on mountains

A Swiss minister says over 10% of the Alpine country's glaciers have been lost over the last five years—a depletion not seen in over a century—as the U.N.'s weather agency opened its first-ever meeting on how climate ...

Putting the Water Framework Directive to the test

The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) is one of the most progressive regulatory frameworks for water management worldwide. Questioning its objectives and principles would seriously compromise the effective protection ...

Exposing blind spots in the carbon budget space

The impact of 1°C of global heating is already having devastating impacts on communities and ecosystems across the globe. An international research group that included researchers from IIASA and Japan, identified biases ...

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