Nano- and micromotors for biological and chemical applications

Nano- and micromotors are ultra-small devices designed to perform selected mechanical movements in response to specific stimuli. These movements include rotation, rolling, shuttling, delivery, contraction or collective behaviour, ...

Dynamics of tears: A cure for dry eye could be a blink away

A treatment for dry eye—a burning, gritty condition that can impair vision and damage the cornea—could some day result from computer simulations that map the way tears move across the surface of the eye.

Don't buy an iguana, Brazil warns World Cup fans

World Cup fans looking for that special souvenir from Brazil should know it is illegal to buy parrots, iguanas and other wildlife, authorities said Wednesday, releasing a list of environmental guidelines for tourists.

Identical twins offer up selves for space science

Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly will take part in an unprecedented study of identical twins to better understand the effects of prolonged weightlessness by comparing the twin in space with the twin on the ground.

Chapman University research article wins 'Best of 2013' award

The global scientific society Institute of Physics recently announced that their editors selected a research article by a team from Chapman University's Institute for Quantum Studies "for inclusion in the exclusive 'Highlights ...

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