Gadgets: Gifts for the Apple lover

Having an iPod, iPhone, iPad or laptop is pretty common and the gift choices this holiday season seem endless.

Ariane rocket puts telecom satellites into orbit

An Ariane 5 rocket on Friday successfully placed two communications satellites into geostationary orbit, in the fifth such placement this year by Arianespace, the company said.

Swede broadcasts music from his stomach

A Swedish man broadcast music from his stomach for several hours via a mini audio system, but said he was disappointed by the sound quality.

17 rare sea turtles rescued off Cape Cod, Mass.

(AP) -- Seventeen rare sea turtles suffering a variety of ailments are recovering at the New England Aquarium after being rescued over the past two days off of Cape Cod, Mass.

22 charged for prank emails, texts after S.Korea attacks

South Korean police said Friday they had charged 22 people with spreading rumours and false information online or in text messages after North Korea shelled an island in the South, a news report said.

The rate of star formation

(PhysOrg.com) -- New stars continue to appear in the night sky, as the gas and dust in giant interstellar clouds gradually coalesces under the influence of gravity until nuclear burning begins.

US briefs allies about next WikiLeaks release

(AP) -- U.S. allies around the world have been briefed by American diplomats about an expected release of classified U.S. files by the WikiLeaks website that is likely to cause international embarrassment and could damage ...

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