Gadgets: Gifts for the Apple lover

The Dexim P-Flip
The Dexim P-Flip

Having an iPod, iPhone, iPad or laptop is pretty common and the gift choices this holiday season seem endless.

The Dexim P-Flip ($69.95) is a multi-functional charging device but also acts as stand for both vertical and horizontal display of an iPhone (4, 3Gs or 3G).

When not in use, it easily fits in a pocket; when opened it has a dock so the device can slide into a 2,000mAh rechargeable battery.

Dexim states the battery, which will charge via USB (cable included), gives users up to six hours to talk time, 40 hours of music or up to 10 hours of video watching.

Having your device docked enables easy movie viewing or hands-free access to an endless number of apps.

A thermoplastic polyurethane case with an antiglare screen protector is included.

Dexim's Supercharged Leather Power Case ($69.90) is another choice for power and protection.

In addition to storing the device in the dark-black leather case, an iPhone/iPod will also get a power assist with the built-in 2000mAh .

This gives users the same extended as the P-Flip and has an on/off switch on the bottom.

Charging and syncing is also done via USB and all the phone's features are accessible while in the case.


Winter weather can cause havoc for anyone trying to use a portable device. To the rescue come Etre Touchy gloves.

The gloves are made without thumb and index fingertips, enabling users to keep their hands warm and have access to touch screens, buttons or even milking cows as suggested in a recent press release.

The gloves are made with 100 percent lamb's wool, come in many colors and are sized small, medium and large.

Details:, $31.70

Griffin Technology seems to have every solution for powering, playing and controlling any of the Apple devices while in a car.

The PowerJolt plus ($17.93) 12-volt accessory socket car charger supplies the power from the car's 12V port, but also gives users a second port for an addition car charger for another device.

A coiled cable with a dock connecter at the end is attached to the PowerJolt for easy connection to a device.

At the end of the PowerJolt is a cover, which opens up to allow the second charger to be connected.

With the extra port, digital cameras, cell phone, GPS units or anything needing power can be charged.

Griffin's TuneFlex AUX Handsfree ($42.95) device let's users talk on an in the all important hands free manner, while powering or charging with the car's 12V charging port.

A case-friendly cradle holds the device in place and has a plug attached for the charging.

It also comes with an AUX/Mic cable for connection to a car stereo for listening to the player's contents or phone call. The caller hears you through the cable's microphone.


The Logitech Speaker Lapdesk N550 allows compact laptops (up to 14.1") and Netbooks to sit on your lap at an angle while shielding uses from the heat they generate.

Rubberized feet keep the computer in place and a soft padded bottom made with soft air-mesh fabric sits on your lap to keep everything in place, cool and comfortable.

The Lapdesk also has a pair of built-in stereo speakers that connect to the computer via USB.

Users also get of the sound volume with controls built right in on the upper right side of the desk.

All this is done software-free and without the need of a power cord or batteries since it draws the power from the computer.

Details:, $59.99

If it's just an or any other eReader you want stationed on your lap, then Veyl Products ePillow is what you need.

Just as it's advertised, the pillow is comfortable, convenient and portable.

Sewn into the pillow is a vinyl shelf to hold an iPad or other eReaders in place while reading or watching a movie hands free.

For airline travelers, the pillow can be used with your device or even save you money and use it as a pillow and not have to pay money since airlines charge for their pillows.

A carrying strap and storage compartment is also built in.

Details:, available in brown or black for $29.95 with free ground shipping.

Anytime a company makes the same old thing in a different way and it works well, it's a winner in my book.

The MoGo Talk XD is just that. The device is a well-made combination of a protective slim MoGo Grip case for an along with a Bluetooth headset.

What makes this unique is the Bluetooth piece is stored in the case itself when not in use.

The in-ear piece is built with SmartAudio sound and voice enhancement along with noise and wind reduction, which all results in very good quality.

Charging is done with the included microUSB cable and users can expect about four hours of talk time or 72 hours of standby.

Details: , $99.99

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