193nm Immersion litho on track for 45nm half pitch

Demonstrating significant progress in all aspects of the technology, 193nm immersion lithography is on track for insertion into volume manufacturing, with good prospects for extendibility to subsequent generations, concluded ...

Tycho's Remnant Provides Shocking Evidence for Cosmic Rays

Astronomers have found compelling evidence that a supernova shock wave has produced a large amount of cosmic rays, particles of mysterious origin that constantly bombard the Earth. This discovery, made with NASA's Chandra ...

Researchers predict infinite genomes

In a new study, TIGR scientists conclude that researchers might never fully describe some bacteria and viruses--because their genomes are infinite.

EPA: Hurricane sediment might be dangerous

Frequent contact with hurricane-produced flooding sediment should be avoided, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency officials in Washington warned Thursday.

EarthLink boosts e-mail phish defenses

EarthLink is strengthening its protections against phishing in its customers' e-mail service. The U.S. ISP said Thursday its ScamBlocker feature helps ferret out the infiltrator programs as they ride into e-mail boxes aboard ...

Intel launches WiMax push in SE Asia

Intel has launched a campaign to bolster the growth of WiMax in Southeast Asia by offering consulting and other technical expertise.

Copenhagen battles intense smog

Copenhagen officials say they would have to enforce a 40 percent decrease in car and truck traffic to meet European Union clean air standards.

Hurricanes delay shuttle launch

NASA Administrator Michael Griffin says Gulf Coast hurricanes will delay the next space shuttle launch until May -- putting it two months behind schedule.

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