Archive: 22/06/2006

New system trains good grid operators with bad data

Power grid operators now have the ability to train like pilots, with simulators providing faulty readings designed to throw them off. Such misleading data and resulting loss of "situational awareness" was identified as a ...

dateJun 22, 2006 in Software
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When robots learn social skills

Learning to communicate and adapting our behaviour to the information we receive has been fundamental to human evolution. If machines could do the same the intelligent talking robots of science fiction could become the stuff ...

dateJun 22, 2006 in Robotics
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When gold becomes a catalyst

Gold has always been perceived as a precious material: you win a gold medal when you prove to be the best in a competition; you only get a Gold credit card when you are a preferential customer, and the jewelry made of this ...

dateJun 22, 2006 in Nanomaterials
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Fish behaviour of the highest order

New research, which has been published in Nature, has uncovered evidence of fish behaviour more commonly associated with humans.

dateJun 22, 2006 in
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