Archive: 22/06/2006

Broadband Report: TiVo on PlayStation?

TiVo and Sony Computer Entertainment are teaming up to let subscribers watch TV shows on their PlayStation Portables. Users can transfer content from a TiVo digital video recorder to a PSP system, which is available to all ...

dateJun 22, 2006 in Business
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Supercomputers may be key to stay ahead

The technology used in aerospace engineering and weather forecasting is being used these days to produce better laundry-detergent bottles and animated movies too, thanks to high-performance computing.

dateJun 22, 2006 in Hardware
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A Neural Mosaic of Tones

The brain filters what we hear. It can do this in part because particular groups of neurons react to specific frequencies of sound. Neurobiologists from the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics in Tübingen have ...

dateJun 22, 2006 in
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