Broadband Report: TiVo on PlayStation?

June 22, 2006

TiVo and Sony Computer Entertainment are teaming up to let subscribers watch TV shows on their PlayStation Portables. Users can transfer content from a TiVo digital video recorder to a PSP system, which is available to all TiVo Series2 subscribers via an updated TiVoToGo feature. The PSP system's 4.3 inch widescreen display technology is capable of delivering 16.8 million colors on an LCD screen.

The enhanced TiVoToGo offers automatic transfers and conversions so TV programs recorded the night before can be synced and be ready for viewing on the PSP system the next morning. TiVoToGo requires a TiVo Series2 box connected to a Windows PC or laptop through a home network. To convert recorded content for viewing on a PSP system, TiVo offers an upgraded version of its TiVo Desktop software for $24.95. The software provides unlimited conversions and an easy, step-by-step process for transferring TV programs from a TiVo to a PC, and then syncing with a connected PSP system.

Paramount Studios is suing university student Chris Moukarbel claiming he took a pirated screenplay of Oliver Stone's new 9/11 based movie World Trade Center and filmed his own low budget version of it, for distribution via the Internet. Now making fan movies has been around for several years and with video equipment and technology becoming more and more common every day tools along with film sharing sites like YouTube, the door is wide open for anyone to do a project and get it seen. But could be the first time it's been reported that someone has gotten their hands on a stolen script and shot something before the film has even be released -- but this could be a clear copyright infringement case.

Key executives from Sprint, Cingular and Amp'd Mobile -- think of it as American Idol -- will judge the first ever LivePitch OnStage event July 13 in Seattle. Game developers and publishers are invited enter their new games, demos or concepts to score an opportunity to pitch before a panel of judges who can actually make a difference in their game's future. The winning presenters, onstage before the entire the Mobile Game Conference audience, receives five minutes to convince the VIP judges to fund or distribute their idea.

"By taking part, you'll get direct feedback from these market makers about your work, and a chance to establish better communication with the people who can get your games on phones throughout the U.S.," said Christopher Sherman, Executive Director of the Mobile Game Conference. "You'll also get your work out in front of an expert audience -- more than a few of who will be watching for the next great mobile game."

LivePitch OnStage judges will include Kris Davis, Sprint's games product marketing manger, ; Andrew Stein, Cingular's senior product manager, and Paul Nakayama, Amp'd Mobile's senior director of content programming. New Games, Game Demos and Game Concepts are eligible for the contest.

Cellcast plc, the global interactive digital broadcaster, has launched a new interactive entertainment service on Freeview's digital terrestrial television (DTT) platform in the UK including a breakthrough in interactive TV technology.

The company has ventured with Top Up TV to trail interactive content and programming on Smile TV on Channel 37. This launch is the successful realization of a partnership with Top Up TV which was announced at the Company's admission to AIM in September 2005. It marks a further step in the Company's strategy to expand the reach of its programs through securing new distribution agreements in the UK as well as internationally.

Cellcast has also worked with Top Up TV to launch an innovative new interactive service, Top Up Active, on Channel 107. This will be available to all 6.4 million-plus Freeview households in place of the static 'placeholder' which is traditionally used on subscription channels to promote a broadcaster's pay channels. Cellcast has developed a unique format which utilizes all available bandwidth to provide radio-style broadcasting combined with interactive chat and games. Combining talk-radio, participation TV and interactivity, Cellcast and Top Up TV are pioneering "visual radio" for the Freeview platform.

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