EPA moves to dramatically cut regulation of coal power

The Trump administration moved to dismantle another major piece of President Barack Obama's environmental legacy on Tuesday, proposing to dramatically scale back restrictions on climate-changing emissions from coal-fired ...

Two koalas die in a month at Belgian zoo

Two of the three koalas at a top Belgian zoo have died in the space of a month, officials said Tuesday while rejecting fears of an "epidemic" among the Australian marsupials.

NASA sees a 50 mile wide eye in Typhoon Soulik

NASA's Aqua satellite provided forecasters with a look at Typhoon Soulik's cloud top temperatures and 50 nautical-mile wide eye as it passed overhead on Aug. 21.

Cameroon pangolin traffickers caught in the act

Police in Cameroon have shut down an international poaching gang after catching six traffickers carrying more than 700 kilos of pangolin scales, a conservation group said Tuesday.

Researchers target protein that protects bacteria's DNA 'recipes'

Bacteria cause many serious illnesses, from food poisoning to pneumonia. The challenge for scientists is that disease-causing bacteria are extraordinarily resilient. For example, when bacteria like Escherichia coli (E. coli) ...

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