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In search of a light Higgs boson

( -- “It's pretty clear that the standard model of physics is not enough to explain all the phenomena in nature,” Tomasz Skwarnicki tells “Through looking at a variety of phenomena – one of ...

dateOct 20, 2008 in General Physics feature
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Research around the North Pole

The German research vessel Polarstern has returned today to Bremerhaven from the Arctic Sea. It has cruised as the first research vessel ever both the Northeast and the Northwest Passages and thereby circled the North Pole. ...

dateOct 20, 2008 in Earth Sciences
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LEDs may help reduce skin wrinkles, researchers report

Researchers in Germany are describing a potential alternative to Botox and cosmetic surgery for easing facial wrinkles. Their study, scheduled for the November 5 issue of ACS' Crystal Growth & Design reports that high intensity ...

dateOct 20, 2008 in
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Contact lenses are home to pathogenic amoebae

Contact lenses increase the risk of infection with pathogenic protozoa that can cause blindness. New research, published in the November issue of the Journal of Medical Microbiology, shows that a high percentage of contact ...

dateOct 20, 2008 in
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