Earliest 'modern' hand nearly two million years old

A tiny, 1.85 million-year-old bone from the little finger of a human ancestor unearthed in East Africa has revealed the oldest "modern" hand ever found, scientists reported Tuesday.

Formation of swarms in nanosystems

One of the striking features of self-organization in biomolecular systems is the capacity of assemblies of filamentous particles for synchronous motion. Physicists of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich now provide new ...

Five reasons why sugar is added to food

From a food science and technology perspective, sugar (sucrose) plays several roles when it comes to the functional properties in food. In the September issue of Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety published ...

France to return 150 endangered tortoises to Madagascar

Some 150 endangered baby tortoises will return to Madagascar eight months after they were found wrapped in sticky tape and hidden in a crate at a Paris airport, the centre that cared for them said Tuesday.

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