Webb sunshield gives an 'open wide' for inspection

The sunshield on NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is the largest part of the observatory—five layers of thin, silvery membrane that must unfurl reliably in space. The precision in which the tennis-court sized sunshield ...

Gravel-camouflaged nests give threatened shorebirds a boost

When it comes to reproduction, not every individual equally pulls his or her weight. Dana Herman and Mark Colwell of Humboldt State University spent 13 years tracking the successes and failures of almost 200 individual Snowy ...

Fidelity National to buy rival SunGard

Fidelity National Information Services is buying rival financial software company SunGard to bolster the services it can offer clients.

Global Blood Therapeutics latest biotech to double in debut

Blood disorder drug developer Global Blood Therapeutics shares more than doubled Wednesday as the company became the latest biotechnology company to get a powerful response from investors in its stock market debut.

Three tiny monkeys stolen from German zoo

Three pygmy marmosets—the world's smallest monkey species—have been stolen from a zoo in the western German city of Dortmund, police said on Wednesday.

Eat less meat, save the planet

To conserve the planet's ecosystems and their diverse plant and animal species, human populations should consume less meat, according to Florida International University researchers.

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