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Nokia Unveils 1 Green Phone, 1 Super Phone

Among its many new devices at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Finnish company Nokia is demonstrating two cell phones that are intriguing in very different ways. The "Remade" is built almost ...

Feb 13, 2008 weblog
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Navigon 8100T GPS with 3D Panorama View

( -- Navigon, the leader in the navigation market, today announced the launch of its new flagship product, the NAVIGON 8100T. The 8100T is a new dimension in navigation that revolutionizes map ...

Nov 10, 2008 weblog
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Rivals moving to take on iPad

US bookstore giant Barnes & Noble added Web surfing and games to its electronic reader Friday as rivals move to break the momentum of Apple's freshly launched iPad tablet computer.

Apr 23, 2010
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