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Serious game research—fleeing an earthquake

During natural disasters, such as an earthquake, people make choices: should I stay or leave? Should I walk or take the car? These choices have an impact on the number of people injured or killed. To explore the factors that ...

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As life expectancy grows, men still lagging

People worldwide are living longer, healthier lives. A new study of mortality patterns in humans, monkeys and apes suggests that the last few generations of humans have enjoyed the biggest life expectancy boost in primate ...

Study finds female scientists collaborate differently

Succeeding in the male-dominated science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines can be very challenging for female faculty. Now, a Northwestern University study of the collaboration patterns of STEM faculty ...

Is shotgun marriage dead?

Shotgun marriages have faded in popularity overall, but are on the rise among some groups, says new research from Duke University. And not all shotgun marriages are as rocky as one might think.

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