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Beyond human: Exploring transhumanism

What do pacemakers, prosthetic limbs, Iron Man and flu vaccines all have in common? They are examples of an old idea that's been gaining in significance in the last several decades: transhumanism. The word ...

Nov 25, 2014
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Is dark money dimming the light of democracy?

The week before the general election, UNM Political Science Associate Professor Mike Rocca presented a primer on campaign financing and a troubling change in the way political campaigns are being financed ...

Nov 20, 2014
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Social sensing game detects classroom bullies

A social sensing game created at Illinois allows researchers to study natural interactions between children, collect large amounts of data about those interactions and test theories about youth aggression ...

EU Parliament votes to break up Google

Life-saving promise in simple steps

Questions of continental crust

Smart data increases the efficiency of wind farms

A phonetic key to prosociality and engagement

( —People are more likely to help someone whose name ends with the "hard e" (/ē/) sound; women, in particular, prefer /ē/ sounds; and children's behavioral patterns seem to indicate that asking "Mommy?" for help ...

Social inequality on the Internet also on the increase

A total of 97% of Dutch people now have access to the internet. Unfortunately, this does not mean that 'the digital divide' in the Netherlands has now been bridged. On the contrary, social inequality is increasing on the ...

Berberine compound may play role in treating obesity

"Body recognition" compares with fingerprint ID

Consumer sentiment brightens holiday spending

Before you go... are you in denial about death?

India court slams Delhi's worsening air pollution

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