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Fewer lectures, more group work

Professor Cees van der Vleuten from Maastricht University is a Visiting Professor at Wits University who believes that learning should be student centred.

Dec 18, 2014
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Why whistleblowing doesn't come easily

Research from our Department of Computer Science has found an explanation for why we often believe gossip more than our own personal experiences. The study also gives a biological explanation as to why it ...

Dec 16, 2014
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Seasoned policymakers drive the fairest bargain of all

Is an experienced policymaker a more rational and a more self-interested bargainer than the average person? That is what nearly all prior research has assumed. But a new study from the University of California, San Diego ...

BlackBerry rides with Boeing on self-destruct phone

China condemns 'cyber terrorism' in wake of Sony attack

Abandoned asbestos mines still a hazard in India

California puzzles over safety of driverless cars

Study supports the theory that 'men are idiots'

The theory that men are idiots and often do stupid things is backed up by evidence in the Christmas issue of The BMJ. The findings are based on an analyses of sex differences in idiotic behaviour.

Bone loss drugs may help prevent endometrial cancer

Cyclist's helmet, Volvo car to communicate for safety

Rising anger as Nicaragua canal to break ground

Evidence plays limited role in OTC decision making

Social networks' hidden resources

People's social networks can be quite extensive, often bigger than they realize. So Brooke Foucault Welles, an assistant professor of communication studies in the College of Arts, Media and Design, says it's ...

Understanding how emotions ripple after terrorist acts

The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing motivated mass expressions of fear, solidarity, and sympathy toward Bostonians on social media networks around the world. In a recently released study, researchers at the University of Pittsburgh ...

Sony saga blends foreign intrigue, star wattage

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