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Sharing corporate R&D on the internet

How much research and development information do Fortune Global 500 companies give away on their websites? That was the question a team from the University of Tunisia hoped to answer in assessing the openness of the commercial ...

date10 hours ago in Economics & Business
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Compensating for low wages

A proposal to redefine low wage employers' obligations to their workers could raise up to $190 million a year in new revenue for Connecticut to help pay for public assistance programs, according to a new study by a group ...

dateMay 18, 2015 in Economics & Business
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Seven in ten take early pension payout

As governments and corporations around the world face pension shortfalls, a groundbreaking study in Croatia by a team of U.S. researchers explores the likelihood and circumstances under which people will ...

Media can restrict insider trading

New ANU research has found the media can have a strong effect in reducing corporate insider share trading by repeating existing information about trades.

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