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Keeping the supply chain flowing

In this age of rapid and escalating change, what can businesses do to flourish? Take a look at their supply chains, say researchers in the Centre for International Manufacturing, based on their research in the UK 
and India.

dateOct 07, 2015 in Economics & Business
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Embedding safety into the lean philosophy

Lean manufacturing involves minimizing expenses by attempting to eradicate waste, waste of materials, energy, and human resources. But, if lean efforts are at the cost of safety then that is a bad thing for any company, research ...

dateSep 25, 2015 in Economics & Business
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Analyzing employment trends through cell phone data

Policymakers now have another tool in their arsenal to help recognize and respond quickly to economic shocks. A new research study co-authored by Harvard Kennedy School Assistant Professor Daniel Shoag finds that call detail ...

Research sheds light on Amazon vs. Wal-Mart competition

After Amazon announced plans last week for a day of online retail discounts July 15 comparable to Black Friday, Wal-Mart is launching a rival sale online the same day. Who will win the e-commerce battle? Winning is a matter ...

Earnings show less for left-handed, says study

Much has been thrown at left-handed people—they are quick to anger, quickly scared and, with the exception of heads of state, are more or less life's losers. Much too has been bestowed upon left-handed people—they are ...

Novel method projects growth potential of new firms

New businesses spring up all the time in the U.S. But which ones have the greatest ability to become big? A method developed by MIT researchers, based on an empirical study, projects the growth potential of high-tech firms ...

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