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The tyranny of realism in energy planning

A report exploring the political economy of energy planning under democracy and the Integrated Energy Planning (IEP) process due to conclude this year was launched by the British High Commission, Project ...

Organising is the key to efficient purchasing

A well-functioning purchasing organisation is a powerful tool for companies. Chalmers researcher Ingrid Hessel shows in her thesis that internal purchasing operations affects and is affected by relationships ...

Getting to the root of the problem in space

Lack of sleep increases risk of failure in school

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthcare?

Team finds method for more precise diagnosis of pneumonia

Gene mutation discovered in blood disorder

Paraffins to cut energy consumption in homes

Nanotubes help healing hearts keep the beat

Chasing hidden cash flows

In global trade, cash flows are hidden to ensure maximum profits. Many developing countries end up as losers in the fight over revenues.

The economy of bitcoins

The massive spread of the cryptocurrency or digital currency, Bitcoin, opens up new pathways for researchers to study social action on markets. This reveals interesting feedback between the exchange rates ...

Web-surfing at work has its benefits

A new e-memo for the boss: Online breaks at work can refresh workers and boost productivity. Early findings from a University of Cincinnati study will be presented on Aug. 5, at the 74th annual meeting of ...

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