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Meditation for factory workers

If you are stuck in a highly repetitive, altogether routine job with no alternative employment options, then Scott Herriott of the Maharishi University of Management, in Fairfield, Iowa, suggests you take 20 minutes twice ...

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The economics of fear

When he worked in Africa, development economist Ariel BenYishay noticed small-scale entrepreneurs were often unable to grow their businesses beyond the initial stage, even when the opportunities were obvious.

Teens love vacation selfies; adults, not so much

How is depression related to dementia?

Microsoft unveils Xbox in China as it faces probe

Peer problem solving leads to operational efficiency

Strength in numbers may not just be a truism for those seeking moral and emotional support, but it also may be an avenue for those seeking customer support. New research shows peer-to-peer problem solving can lessen the need ...

Explaining the games gasoline retailers play

( —When it's time to top up the tank, how much thought do you give to where you will buy gas? Maybe you drive around town, looking for the best deal. Chances are, you usually visit the same station in your neighbourhood, ...

Tiny UAVs and hummingbirds are put to test

Evidence of a local hot bubble carved by a supernova

Spin-based electronics: New material successfully tested

Timing stock repurchases pays

Can companies buying back their own stock time the market to get a better price? This was an unanswered question in corporate finance until now.

Big data confirms climate extremes are here to stay

New catalyst converts carbon dioxide to fuel

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