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Sharing corporate R&D on the internet

How much research and development information do Fortune Global 500 companies give away on their websites? That was the question a team from the University of Tunisia hoped to answer in assessing the openness of the commercial ...

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How we discovered the three revolutions of American pop

Dr Matthias Mauch discusses his recent scientific analysis of the "fossil record" of the Billboard charts prompted widespread attention, particularly the findings about the three musical "revolutions" that shaped the musical la ...

More than two dozen articles provide insights on mummies

In a special issue, The Anatomical Record ventures into the world of human mummified remains. In 26 articles, the anatomy of mummies is exquisitely detailed through cutting edge examination, while they are put in historical, archeo ...

Top UK scientists warn against EU exit

A group of leading British scientists including Nobel-winning geneticist Paul Nurse warned leaving the European Union could threaten research funding, in a letter published in The Times newspaper on Friday.

Quantum computer emulated by a classical system
Experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness
Physicists solve quantum tunneling mystery
How spacetime is built by quantum entanglement
Linking superconductivity and structure
Satellites catch the birth of two volcanic islands
Diagnosing cancer with help from bacteria
Uncovering diversity in an invisible ocean world
Scientist provides new fluid dynamics insights
Non-aqueous solvent supports DNA nanotechnology
Better mouse model enables colon cancer research
Image: XMM-Newton self-portraits with planet Earth

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