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Top UK scientists warn against EU exit

A group of leading British scientists including Nobel-winning geneticist Paul Nurse warned leaving the European Union could threaten research funding, in a letter published in The Times newspaper on Friday.

dateMay 22, 2015 in Other
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The Bronze Age Egtved Girl was not from Denmark

The Bronze Age Egtved Girl came from far away, as revealed by strontium isotope analyses of the girl's teeth. The analyses show that she was born and raised outside Denmark's current borders, and strontium ...

Emoticons may signal better customer service

Online customer service agents who use emoticons and who are fast typists may have a better chance of putting smiles on their customers' faces during business-related text chats, according to researchers.

We have difficulty understanding the world map's edge

Where do the aircraft pop up again? A new study shows that we have difficulty understanding how the edges of a world map are connected. Both adults and children have great difficulties to accurately indicate where an aircraft ...

Publisher pushback puts open access in peril

Delegates at the The Higher Education Technology Agenda (THETA) conference on the Gold Coast last week heard from futurist Bryan Alexander about four possible scenarios for the future of knowledge. ...

Feeling the pain and joys of commuting

Long hours commuting to and from work can generate fear, distrust and depression and can change the way people interact with their families and work colleagues, a new study from The Australian National University ...

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