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How music listening programmes can be easily fooled

For well over two decades, researchers have sought to build music listening software that can address the deluge of music growing faster than our Spotify-spoilt appetites. From software that can tell you ...

17 hours ago
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School surveillance on the rise

Invasive school surveillance practices are the norm in the UK and USA, and according to a University of Adelaide criminologist, such practices are becoming increasingly popular in Australian schools.

What factors motivate people to text while driving?

Nearly a third of adult drivers text while driving, despite the increased risk of accidents, stricter laws against it, and many awareness-raising efforts. What motivates this behavior and why it is so difficult to discourage ...

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The people most often cited as "education experts" in blogs and news stories may have the backing of influential organizations - but have little background in education and education policy, a new study suggests.

Ancient and modern cities aren't so different

Despite notable differences in appearance and governance, ancient human settlements function in much the same way as modern cities, according to new findings by researchers at the Santa Fe Institute and the ...

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Look around your workplace – and ask yourself which colleagues you'd describe as extravert and which as introvert. Perhaps your most talkative workmate is actually an introvert? Research by Sanna Balsari-Palsule, ...

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