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A new, tunable device for spintronics

Recently, the research group of Professor Jairo Sinova from the Institute of Physics at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in collaboration with researchers from the UK, Prague, and Japan, has for the first time realised ...

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Consider the 'anticrystal'

( —For the last century, the concept of crystals has been a mainstay of solid-state physics. Crystals are paragons of order; crystalline materials are defined by the repeating patterns their constituent ...

Using light to change the makeup of plastics

A FAMU-FSU College of Engineering professor is using rays of light to control the shape of a special type of plastic, a project that could have long-term implications for manufacturing, solar energy harvesting, aerospace ...

Scientists discover how plastic solar panels work

Scientists don't fully understand how 'plastic' solar panels work, which complicates the improvement of their cost efficiency, thereby blocking the wider use of the technology. However, researchers at the ...

Carcinogenic role of a protein in liver decoded

On the way to a safe and secure smart home

The underestimated risk of ethanol fireplaces

Outdoor enthusiasts need a lightning plan

Physicists' findings improve advanced material

A new technique developed by a Binghamton University physicist and his colleagues will improve the quality of flexible, conductive, transparent glass. (The sort that's needed for Minority Report-style giant ...

Rare material key to computer advances

Researchers from Victoria University of Wellington have answered fundamental questions about a rare class of materials that could lead to faster, more reliable memory storage in computers.

Report highlights progress, challenges in health IT

Training your brain to prefer healthy foods

Fruit consumption cuts CVD risk by up to 40 percent

NASA radar system surveys Napa Valley quake area

New research shows temperatures vary block by block

The Edwardians were also fans of brain training

Cerebral palsy may be hereditary

Fingerprints for freight items

Ice in fuel cells imaged directly for the first time

Researchers from the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) have succeeded in imaging the distribution of frozen and liquid water in a hydrogen fuel cell directly for the first time. They applied a new imaging technique ...

Crowdsourcing the phase problem

Compared with humans, computers have the capacity to solve problems at much greater speed. There are many problems, however, where computational speed alone is insufficient to find a correct or optimal solution, ...

A nucleotide change could initiate fragile X syndrome

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