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Ordinary materials, fantastic opportunities

For Michael Demkowicz, some of the greatest scientific mysteries and major engineering opportunities lie in everyday materials. "Structural materials are sometimes seen as low-tech," he says. "Who thinks ...

A new, tunable device for spintronics

Recently, the research group of Professor Jairo Sinova from the Institute of Physics at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in collaboration with researchers from the UK, Prague, and Japan, has for the first time realised ...

New York hospital tests doctor for Ebola

YEATS protein potential therapeutic target for cancer

Precise and programmable biological circuits

'Eau de comet' is a bit of a stinker

Co-crystals successfully turn liquids into solids

A new approach for formulating the active chemical ingredients of common drugs and agricultural products has been developed by researchers in Italy, and it holds broad potential to make such products more durable, safer, ...

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