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Scientists combine bacteria with liquid crystals

( —When swimming around, bacteria aren't good with the "pool rules."  In small quantities, they'll follow the lanes, but put enough together and they'll begin to create their own flow.

Students take clot-buster for a spin

Hyperbolic homogeneous polynomials, oh my!

Meth mouth menace

NASA's MMS observatories stacked for testing

Squeezing out the hidden lives of electrons

In our daily lives we tend to think of electrical conductivity as largely static: Copper is a good choice for conduction; clay is not. But heat up that copper wire, and electron conduction slows. Give a flake ...

Harm-reduction program optimizes HIV/AIDS prevention

First steps towards "Experimental Literature 2.0"

Scientists make critical end-stage liver discovery

Solving cancer's secrets

Atom probe assisted dating of oldest piece of earth

Finnish inventor rethinks design of the axe

ISEE-3 comes to visit Earth

Curves alter crystallization, study finds

Scientists have studied crystallization since the time of Galileo, so it's easy to imagine there's nothing new to learn about the process. Harvard researchers might beg to differ.

TCS, Mitsubishi to create new Japan IT services firm

Making graphene in your kitchen

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