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A new, tunable device for spintronics

Recently, the research group of Professor Jairo Sinova from the Institute of Physics at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz in collaboration with researchers from the UK, Prague, and Japan, has for the first time realised ...

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New material structures bend like microscopic hair

MIT engineers have fabricated a new elastic material coated with microscopic, hairlike structures that tilt in response to a magnetic field. Depending on the field's orientation, the microhairs can tilt to ...

The perfect atom sandwich requires an extra layer

( —Like the perfect sandwich, a perfectly engineered thin film for electronics requires not only the right ingredients, but also just the right thickness of each ingredient in the desired order, ...

Slimy fish and the origins of brain development

Global importance of pollinators underestimated

Mystery of rare five-hour space explosion explained

Dawn operating normally after safe mode triggered

Nanoscience makes your wine better

NASA air campaigns focus on Arctic climate impacts

New concepts based on advances in animal systematics

Working group explores the 'frustration' of spin glasses

Spin glasses are frustrating. Although the ideas have been around for decades and form the foundation of countless complex systems models, they have nonetheless resisted researchers' efforts to understand exactly how they ...

Scientists characterize carbon for batteries

Lithium-ion batteries could benefit from a theoretical model created at Rice University and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory that predicts how carbon components will perform.

Consider the 'anticrystal'

( —For the last century, the concept of crystals has been a mainstay of solid-state physics. Crystals are paragons of order; crystalline materials are defined by the repeating patterns their constituent ...

Using light to change the makeup of plastics

A FAMU-FSU College of Engineering professor is using rays of light to control the shape of a special type of plastic, a project that could have long-term implications for manufacturing, solar energy harvesting, aerospace ...

Scientists discover how plastic solar panels work

Scientists don't fully understand how 'plastic' solar panels work, which complicates the improvement of their cost efficiency, thereby blocking the wider use of the technology. However, researchers at the ...

Cape Cod saltmarsh recovery looks good, falls short

Mateship key to boosting resilient youth

Manure offsets fertiliser's nano-scale changes

Video: MAVEN set to slide into orbit around Mars

Flying robots will go where humans can't

Fly ash builds green cement mixture

Glowing galaxies in telescopic timelapse

Physicists' findings improve advanced material

A new technique developed by a Binghamton University physicist and his colleagues will improve the quality of flexible, conductive, transparent glass. (The sort that's needed for Minority Report-style giant ...

Connection found between birth size and brain disorders

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