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Physicists Produce Quantum-Entangled Images

Using a convenient and flexible method for creating twin light beams, researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the University of Maryland (UM) have produced “quantum ...

Jun 25, 2008
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Materials scientists tame tricky carbon nanotubes

Based on a new theory, MIT scientists may be able to manipulate carbon nanotubes -- one of the strongest known materials and one of the trickiest to work with -- without destroying their extraordinary electrical ...

Sep 18, 2006
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Superheating Nanoparticles

“For quite a long time people have been measuring the melting points of small particles,” Shaun Hendy tells “They’ve found that the melting point decreases and this decrease is in inverse proportion to the ...

Jul 24, 2006 feature
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