Archive: 12/8/2006

Researchers find new chink in a 'superbug's' armor

Infections from drug-resistant forms of Staphylococcus bacteria are skyrocketing and have even recently made headlines by debilitating some of the NFL’s toughest players. Tools to fight these bugs are few, but now University ...

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Finding an answer to Darwin's Dilemma

The sudden appearance of large animal fossils more than 500 million years ago – a problem that perplexed even Charles Darwin and is commonly known as "Darwin’s Dilemma" – may be due to a huge increase of oxygen in the ...

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'If a Package Stinks, It Belongs to Me'

The county of Los Angeles may not like this distinction, but Virginia Tech environmental engineer John Novak says the sludge from this area of California has the “worst odor of any I have ever tested.” ...

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