Archive: 12/8/2006

Chemists shed light on solar energy storage

Chemistry's role in bridging the gap between solar energy's limited present use and enormous future potential was the topic of a recent article by MIT Professor Daniel G. Nocera and a colleague.

dateDec 08, 2006 in
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Growing catalysts

Porous materials are involved in many chemical reactions that affect our daily lives. Despite their wide use, there is little knowledge about them. Scientists from the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the ESRF ...

dateDec 08, 2006 in Condensed Matter
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Do low-fat foods make us fat?

Recent Cornell studies in movie theatres, holiday receptions, and homes showed people eat an average of 28% more total calories when they eat low-fat snacks than regular ones. "Obese people can eat up to 45% more," reports ...

dateDec 08, 2006 in Health
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