Archive: 01/6/2006

Plenty of options at high-tech gas pump

A futuristic gas pump on display in Las Vegas offers motorists a dizzying array of high-tech options beyond merely filling up the tank.

Jan 06, 2006
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Intel, Eros team on 'Bollywood' portal

Indian film distributor Eros International is teaming up with Intel on a digital-content portal for movies produced by India's "Bollywood" film industry.

Jan 06, 2006
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Windows Meta patch released early

A patch for a worrisome vulnerability in Windows Meta File code has been released ahead of schedule and is available for download.

Jan 06, 2006
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Globe Talk: Pakistan's shaky step forward

Cell-phones sales seem to know no bounds, with first-time handset buyers continuing to line up in developing markets to purchase basic models, even as hipsters in some of the richest countries in the world continue to trade ...

Jan 06, 2006
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Scientists hope to create new generation of supercomputers

The Government’s main science funding agency, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPRSC), today awarded the University of Cambridge a grant of £4.4m for research which promises to revolutionise the ...

Jan 06, 2006
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Dying Star Reveals More Evidence for New Kind of Black Hole

Scientists using NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer have found a doomed star orbiting what appears to be a medium-sized black hole – a theorized "in-between" category of black hole that has eluded confirmation ...

Jan 06, 2006
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Stardust Mission Status Report

Ten days before its historic return to Earth with the first-ever samples from a comet, NASA's Stardust spacecraft successfully performed its 18th flight path adjustment. This second-to-last scheduled maneuver ...

Jan 06, 2006
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New Nanotechnological Structures Reported for the First Time

A team of Columbia University and IBM scientists has created conditions necessary for the successful self-assembly of new nanotechnological structures -- at least 10 novel crystal arrangements that could form ...

Jan 06, 2006
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Google to introduce its own PC?

In a move that will be seen as a direct challenge to Microsoft’s domination of the media business, Google Inc. is preparing to launch a low-price personal computer, reports the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

Jan 06, 2006
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Looking Down The Mouth Of An Interstellar Cavern

A storm of billowing clouds blown by the winds from massive stars, and set aglow by their light, is the focus of a striking image released today by Gemini Observatory.

Jan 06, 2006
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Briefs: Broadband expands in-car entertainment

Car video entertainment is taking steps toward becoming ubiquitous through the use of wireless broadband technologies on display in Las Vegas this week.

Jan 06, 2006
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