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CES 2006, Day 2: Entertainment tech to flood consumers

If Day 1 at the Consumer Electronics Show was all about high-definition content, then Day 2 can be described as "Hollywood gets its day," as the show was about portable media centers, mobile entertainment content ...

Jan 06, 2006
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Greek temple discovered in Albania

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati’s Classics faculty are preparing to make their first public presentation of details surrounding their find of one of the earliest Greek temples in the Adriatic ...

Jan 06, 2006
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Population threat linked to global warming

Global warming cannot be addressed without the international community addressing the problem of population growth, a British scientist says.

Jan 06, 2006
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New disease strikes horse chestnut trees

British and Dutch researchers say a new tree disease is attacking horse chestnuts trees -- striking some 40,000 trees in Britain last year.

Jan 06, 2006
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Filling 'Nanocontainers' with Liquid

In research that may help advance many emerging nanotechnologies, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory, together with research groups from Harvard University and IBM, ...

Jan 06, 2006
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Wireless World: Carriers losing focus?

Wireless carriers have lost their focus and are concentrating on the wrong priorities, like trying to recruit as many new subscribers as possible, rather than properly serving those customers they have already contracted ...

Jan 06, 2006
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Analysts hail Palm's move to Microsoft OS

Palm's decision to market a wireless phone equipped with a Microsoft operating system is drawing positive reviews from tech analysts.

Jan 06, 2006
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