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NEC Develops Software to Give Companies Competitive Edge

NEC has developed a software that will aid companies in essential decision making for releasing new products. In addition, the software will monitor and analyze a company´s competitors products and services to keep up with ...

Dec 04, 2007 weblog
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World's most powerful MRI ready to scan human brain

The world's most powerful medical magnetic resonance imaging machine, the 9.4 Tesla at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has successfully completed safety trials and may soon offer physicians a real-time view of biological ...

Dec 04, 2007
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Shuttle 'Go' for Dec. 6 Launch

Space shuttle Atlantis is set to begin its launch countdown for the STS-122 mission with a flurry of activities at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Atlantis is scheduled to launch at 4:31 p.m. EST on ...

Dec 04, 2007
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Smaller babies more prone to depression, anxiety later on

Turns out there might be some truth to the popular wisdom that plump babies are happy babies. A landmark public health study has found that people who had a low birth weight are more likely to experience depression and anxiety ...

Dec 04, 2007
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Attractiveness Is Its Own Reward

Studies of the snap judgments we often make about people are shedding new light not only on social behavior, but also on drug abuse, gambling addiction, and other disorders in which our ability to make decisions is impaired, ...

Dec 04, 2007
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