Archive: 12/4/2007

A company's good reputation can be a bad thing

Consumers expect a lot from high-equity brands such as Disney or Apple. When such brands fail us – perhaps by providing a product that doesn’t work or service that is sub-par – we may be especially disappointed. Our ...

Dec 04, 2007
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Optimism isn't always healthy

People are generally optimistic, believing they’ll do better in the future than they’ve done in the past. This time around, I’ll actually use that gym membership. I’m sticking to the diet this time. Now is the time ...

Dec 04, 2007
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Greater parental guidance suggested for noisy toy use

The High School Musical Rockerz Jammin Guitar and the Cheetah Girls In Concert Collection Doll may be what kids want most this holiday season, but if parents aren’t careful about how these and other popular toys are used, ...

Dec 04, 2007
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Patients wonder, 'Could this be something serious?'

Nearly 4,800 patient surveys and 100 covertly recorded visits by actors posing as patients revealed that empathy is lacking in many exam rooms around the Rochester, N.Y., area – however, doctors who do convey empathy are ...

Dec 04, 2007
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Ethnic discrimination not only based on prejudice

Our belief in power hierarchies is important in how we view and treat people. This is shown in a dissertation by Alexandra Snellman from Uppsala University that examines how racist and sexist prejudice creates social hierarchies ...

Dec 04, 2007
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Violent sex acts boost insect's immunity system

The long-held idea that only vertebrates have sophisticated adaptive immune systems that can protect them for life against many pathogens after being infected by them just once has been revised in recent years. It turns out ...

Dec 04, 2007
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