Archive: 12/30/2005

ISS Crew to Celebrate New Year

The crew onboard the International Space Station are looking forward to celebrating New Year's Day after spending a quiet Christmas 225 miles above the Earth.

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Wireless World: Feds vacate airwaves

The government is getting out of the way of next-generation mobile broadband services -- a new niche being developed by cell-phone companies -- by preparing to spend $936 million to move its radio communications onto an obscure ...

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Globe Talk: U.S., Europe still under pressure

The telecommunications industry continued to be cutthroat in 2005 worldwide, not least with SBC Communications buying out AT&T and Verizon expected to merge with MCI by early next year.

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And If Rockets Had Wings...

What goes up like a rocket, changes into a plane, then glides under controlled flight? For Christopher Wilkins ’05, Erik Palitsch ’05, Samuel Lee ’05, James Rollo ’05, and a team of Rensselaer students, ...

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