Archive: 01/30/2006

Think your friends know you? Think again

Researchers conclude suggestions from our closest friends about matters of taste, such as movies or restaurants, may not be as helpful as we think they are.

Jan 30, 2006
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Research shows brain's ability to overcome pain and thirst

Researchers at Melbourne's Howard Florey Institute have discovered how the brain prioritises pain and thirst in order to survive - a mechanism that helps elite athletes to 'push through the pain barrier'. The ...

Jan 30, 2006
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IM interoperability raises virus threat

Interoperability of instant-messaging services will allow worms and viruses to propagate more easily, creating more risk in online security, according to Postini's annual Message Management and Threat Report.

Jan 30, 2006
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Study details live television's appeal

Pennsylvania researchers say they've determined why people enjoy live television: They like the sense of indeterminacy, especially in sporting events.

Jan 30, 2006
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Study: Information order shapes bias

Duke University scientists say they've determined consumers are likely to give support to a brand that first appears to show superiority in its category.

Jan 30, 2006
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Mourning baboons seek comfort from friends

University of Pennsylvania scientists say when baboons lose a close associate they do as humans might -- they seek support from their friends.

Jan 30, 2006
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Freescale creates first commercially viable GaAs MOSFET device

Freescale Semiconductor has developed the industry's first device that combines the high performance of gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor compounds with the advantages of traditional metal oxide semiconductor field effect ...

Jan 30, 2006
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