Archive: 01/30/2006

Well-travelled snails hitch a ride around the globe

A group of land-snail species have been shown to belong to one big family, despite living on far-flung islands some 9,000 kilometres apart. The discovery, made by comparing their DNA sequences, raises the intriguing question ...

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Second-Hand Computers Pose Identity Theft Threat

A new identity theft study conducted by leading University of Leicester criminologist, Professor Martin Gill found that second-hand computers - which account for one in 12 computers in use worldwide - can be ...

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Networking: IT training a retention issue

Training and education of experienced IT professionals already established in the workforce is becoming a major concern, one certain to be on the consciousness of senior management at corporations all over the United States ...

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Forklift simulator in development

University of Navarre scientists are developing a forklift truck simulator for training to minimize the risks involved in their use in the workplace.

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Most Milky Way Stars Are Single

Common wisdom among astronomers holds that most star systems in the Milky Way are multiple, consisting of two or more stars in orbit around each other. Common wisdom is wrong. A new study by Charles Lada of the Harvard-Smithsonian ...

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