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Volcanic eruptions impact global sea level

Clouds of gases and particles sprayed into the stratosphere by volcanic eruptions cool the oceans and temporarily offset the rise in global sea level caused by the greenhouse effect, according to research ...

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Building a personalised network of digital devices

Plans to develop protocols and devices that link together all the audio and video gadgets that clutter homes, handbags and briefcases will unleash an incredible array of new, personalised and location-based services.

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Non-Lethal Laser Weapon Halts Aggressors

A laser technology being developed by Air Force Research Laboratory employees at Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M., will be the first man-portable, non-lethal deterrrent weapon intended for protecting troops and controlling hostile ...

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Riding Ripples And Working Issues

Opportunity is healthy and traversing around the northwest side of "Erebus Crater." The rover has driven on every sol possible, acquiring during and after each drive, and surveying the sky and horizon in the mornings with ...

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Venus may hold astonishing discoveries

University of Colorado at Boulder planetary scientist Larry Esposito, a member of the European Space Agency's Venus Express science team, believes the upcoming mission to Earth's "evil twin" planet should be full of surprises. ...

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