Archive: 11/3/2005

Scientists confirm how crystals form

A team of researchers at Yale University is the first to devise a way to predict the microstructure of crystals as they form in materials, according to a report in the September issue of Applied Physics Letters.

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Video-game ideas grab spotlight in capital

Although "Pac Man," "Grand Theft Auto," "Resident Evil" and "Tomb Raider" may be among the most widely recognized video games on the market, efforts are under way to develop new titles that can assist in professional training, ...

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Google makes books available online

Google said Thursday it will make public-domain books available on its Web site -- but said it would limit access to any copyrighted material for now.

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Nanostructures for hydrogen production and storage

Incorporating nanostructures may lead to more efficient hydrogen production and storage, according to researchers from the University of Georgia and the University of California, Santa Cruz who have secured $1.35 million ...

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