Archive: 27/04/2007

Antifungal drug stops blood vessel growth

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have discovered to their surprise that a drug commonly used to treat toenail fungus can also block angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels commonly seen in cancers. The drug, itraconazole, ...

dateApr 27, 2007 in Medications
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Optoelectronic tweezers push nanowires around

In efforts that can improve studies of biological objects and the construction of nanotech materials, researchers at the University of California-Berkeley have invented "optoelectronic tweezers," a new way of controlling ...

dateApr 27, 2007 in Nanophysics
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Satellites shed light on global warming

As climate change continues to make headlines across the world, participants at the 2007 Envisat Symposium this week are hearing how Earth observation satellites allow scientists to better understand the parameters involved ...

dateApr 27, 2007 in Environment
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Fish growth changes enhanced by climate change

Changes in growth rates in some coastal and long-lived deep-ocean fish species in the south west Pacific are consistent with shifts in wind systems and water temperatures, according to new Australian research published in ...

dateApr 27, 2007 in
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Net Neutrality Advocates Ready for New Congress

Net neutrality advocates on Thursday reiterated their opposition to allowing preferential treatment on the Internet, and a key lawmaker pledged to continue the legislative battle against prioritized web access.

dateApr 27, 2007 in Telecom
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