Archive: 04/27/2007

Top-Tier Ad Companies Betting on Joost

Online television service Joost announced on Thursday it has signed on a group of 32 big name advertisers — including Intel, Coca-Cola, Nike, General Motors, and Visa — as launch partners.

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Gold nanoparticles help detect a toxic metal -- mercury

With gold nanoparticles, DNA and some smart chemistry as their tools, scientists at Northwestern University have developed a simple "litmus test" for mercury that eventually could be used for on-the-spot environmental monitoring ...

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Tracking Genes for Self-pollination in Arabidopsis

Some plants need a partner to reproduce. Pollen from one plant pollinates the stigma of another, and a seed is formed. But other plants can self-pollinate, a handy survival mechanism for a lonely plant.

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Female ticks have market on gluttony

Sex makes you fat. If you're a female tick, that is. The "truly gluttonous" female ixodid tick increases her weight an astounding 100 times her original size after she mates, so a University of Alberta researcher ...

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Sponging up the evolutionary past

University of Queensland researchers are exploring the evolution of what has been termed the “Rosetta Stone” of the gene world, by tracing the development of the humble sea sponge.

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