Archive: 04/27/2007

Butterflies on the prowl show some color

Sex sells. The thrum and flash of an automobile, the whisper of designer silk, the tease of a tattoo, and the ching-ching of gold chains and rings are paired in media and on the streets with come-hither abdominal tautness ...

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Help comes in the mail for drinkers

Mailing a simple information pamphlet to interested drinkers in the general population reduced binge drinking by 10 per cent, and is a promising public health approach to reduce the health and social problems associated with ...

Apr 27, 2007 4.7 / 5 (3) 0

IBM Mainframes Go 3-D

By integrating its Cell processors with the mainframe, the company hopes to create virtual worlds on the Web that benefit gamers as well as the enterprise.

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