Archive: 03/27/2006

Modeling the Chemical Reactions of Nanoparticles

As science enters the world of the very small, researchers will be searching for new ways to study nanoparticles and their properties. For the past several years, scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s ...

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High-energy physics at the highest level

It will be the most powerful particle collider on the planet. And Iowa State University physicists will be right there working with it. The European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva, Switzerland, is ...

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NASA Reinstates the Dawn Mission

NASA senior management announced a decision Monday to reinstate the Dawn mission, a robotic exploration of two major asteroids. Dawn had been canceled because of technical problems and cost overruns. The mission, named because ...

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Online service helps users trade DVDs

Your old DVD of "The English Patient" has been sitting on your shelves since you got it; meanwhile you want to get the DVD of "Saw II" but don't want to pay $20 at a retail store. How do these relate? If you're ...

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AMD, lead sponsor at WCIT

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. upgraded its sponsorship level for the 2006 World Congress on Information Technology.

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Study offers new recipe for oxygen on icy moons

Some may be surprised to learn that bleach-blondes and the enabler of life elsewhere in our solar system have something in common. And, no, it's not intelligence. It is, in fact, hydrogen peroxide. But how that hydrogen peroxide ...

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