Archive: 03/27/2006

Oceanographer Sees 'Oceans of Trouble'

Over the past three years, two distinguished panels - the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy and the Pew Oceans Commission - released major reports that found our oceans and coasts in serious trouble. Like the ...

Mar 27, 2006
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Clues to African archaeology found in lead isotopes

Microscopic specs of lead are offering clues about the enormous cultural changes that swept across northern Africa a thousand years ago. At The University of Arizona in Tucson, a young archaeologist is analyzing ...

Mar 27, 2006
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Inducing melanoma for cancer vaccine development

Cancer vaccines are being investigated in early-phase clinical trials around the world, with many of those trials recruiting patients with melanoma. Although tumor regressions have been seen in 10% to 20% of patients with ...

Mar 27, 2006
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Wolf to be honored for science, tech work

U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf, R-Va., will be honored with an award for contributions in science, engineering and technology. Wolf will receive the 2006 George E. Brown Jr. Award for his leadership in the field on March 28 during ...

Mar 27, 2006
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Idol goes Underground with online contest

As the fifth season of American Idol wraps up on television, Web site American Idol Underground is just beginning its Big Push contest, where unknown artists compete and get judged by online listeners.

Mar 27, 2006
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Briefs: ICANN Internet conference opens in N.Z.

The details of running the World Wide Web as well as the Internet's future will be on the table this week when ICANN holds its annual meeting in New Zealand.

Mar 27, 2006
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Networking: Wiring the small office

Computer networks can dramatically cut costs and improve customer satisfaction, but only for major Fortune 500 and Forbes 400 companies, right? Perhaps that was the case last century, but not anymore. Experts ...

Mar 27, 2006
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New 3D Magnetic Tweezers

Professor Gwo-Bin Vincent Lee, from National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, and his colleagues have manufactured three-dimensional, micromachined magnetic tweezers to manipulate DNA molecules. Their method was published in ...

Mar 27, 2006 feature
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Coal-based jet fuel poised for next step

A jet fuel comparable to Jet A or military JP 8, but derived from at least 50 percent bituminous coal, has successfully powered a helicopter jet engine, according to a Penn State fuel scientist. "Because the fuel is 50 percent ...

Mar 27, 2006
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