Archive: 26/11/2007

Double antennas deliver double the signal

Digital TV transmission techniques that deliver most benefit in the worst reception environments have been developed by a consortium of European researchers. The technologies promise to reduce the network infrastructure needed ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in Telecom
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Environmental exodus

Climate change is the largest environmental change expected this century. It is likely to intensify droughts, storms and floods, which will undoubtedly lead to environmental migrations and potential conflicts in the areas ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in Environment
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Secondhand smoke damages lungs, MRIs show

It’s not a smoking gun, but it’s smoking-related, and it’s there in bright medical images: evidence of microscopic structural damage deep in the lungs, caused by secondhand cigarette smoke. For the first time, researchers ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in Medical research
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Repeating genes

Huntington’s disease is a genetic time bomb: Programmed in the genes, it appears at a predictable age in adulthood, causing a progressive decline in mental and neurological function and finally death. There is, to date, ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in
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