Archive: 26/11/2007

New Life for Linac

After years of planning and hard work involving teams from every corner of the lab, SLAC's venerable linac has undergone the most radical set of alterations in its 40+ year career. Although a handful of minor tweaks remain, ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in General Physics
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Is your heart aging faster than you are?

Despite the increasing evidence that managing high cholesterol reduces cardiovascular events, many people do not achieve recommended lipid levels. This is due, in part, to patients’ lack of understanding about their risk ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in Health
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Burning out? Try logging off

You might think that a long vacation is the way to beat job burnout. But the kind of vacation you have is just as important – if not more important – than its length, concludes Prof. Dov Eden, an organizational psychologist ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in Psychology & Psychiatry
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