Archive: 26/11/2007

Ozone can affect heavier people more

A new study provides the first evidence that people with higher body mass index (BMI) may have a greater response to ozone than leaner people. Short-term exposure to atmospheric ozone has long been known to cause a temporary ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in Health
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Bear hunting altered genetics more than Ice Age isolation

It was not the isolation of the Ice Age that determined the genetic distribution of bears, as has long been thought. This is shown by an international research team led from Uppsala University in Sweden in the latest issue ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in
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Engineers give industry a moth's eye view

When moths fly at night, their eyes need to capture all the light available. To do this, certain species have evolved nanoscopic structures on the surface of their eyes which allow almost no light to reflect off the surface ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in Engineering
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Older filters, fresher water

Scientists in Australia have discovered that the older the water filter the better when it comes to reducing the off-putting earthy taste of some tap water. Writing in the Inderscience publication International Journal of ...

dateNov 26, 2007 in Environment
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