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Quicker, easier way to make coal cleaner found

Construction of new coal-fired power plants in the United States is in danger of coming to a standstill, partly due to the high cost of the requirement — whether existing or anticipated — to capture all emissions of carbon ...

dateNov 17, 2008 in Engineering
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Sleep helps people learn complicated tasks

( -- Sleep helps the mind learn complicated tasks and helps people recover learning they otherwise thought they had forgotten over the course of a day, research at the University of Chicago shows.

dateNov 17, 2008 in Medical research
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'Powerhouses' from living cells power new explosives detector

Researchers in Missouri have borrowed the technology that living cells use to produce energy to develop a tiny, self-powered sensor for rapid detection of hidden explosives. The experimental sensor, about the size of a postage ...

dateNov 17, 2008 in
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New life beneath sea and ice

Scientists have long known that life can exist in some very extreme environments. But Earth continues to surprise us. At a European Science Foundation and COST (European Cooperation in the field of Scientific and Technical ...

dateNov 17, 2008 in
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Effective global regulation

Government ownership of banks – something unthinkable until very recently for the 'Anglo-Saxon' model of capitalism –- became a reality early in 2008. This was a policy response to an unprecedented global financial crisis, ...

dateNov 17, 2008 in Other
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'Let the sunshine in' to protect your heart this winter

The temperature might not be the only thing plummeting this winter. Many people also will experience a decrease in their vitamin D levels, which can play a role in heart disease, according to a new review article in Circulation.

dateNov 17, 2008 in Health
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Gaps in Adhesion

( -- Chemists can learn from some shellfish. Mussels, for example, produce an adhesive that sticks strongly to metal and stone, even under water. Chemists have reproduced the protein responsible ...

dateNov 17, 2008 in
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