Archive: 11/15/2005

Comic books shadow how we react to threats

Smith College scientists in Northampton, Mass., say comic books reflect how most people react to threats. Psychology Professor Bill Peterson says in times of social danger and economic turmoil, many people become more aggressive, ...

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Japan remains Vodafone's Achilles heel

As the world's biggest mobile telecommunications provider, Vodafone has been the darling of British industry. That vaunted status, however, was challenged Tuesday with the company's announcement of less-than-stellar earnings ...

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Researchers develop hybrid silicon evanescent laser

In what promises to be an important advance, researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara have developed a novel laser by bonding optical gain layers directly to a silicon laser cavity. This hybrid laser offers ...

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Siemens debuts the world’s smallest EDGE base station

With the new nanoEDGE base stations from Siemens Communications, it is now possible for the first time to provide full wireless coverage with EDGE technology even in what used to be shadowed areas inside buildings, for example, ...

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Watson Lecture: Exploring Einstein's Legacy

November 25 marks the 90th anniversary of Einstein's formulation of his theory of general relativity, which describes gravity as a consequence of the warping of space and time.

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