Archive: 15/03/2007

What Lies Beneath

Studies conducted by University of Arkansas researchers suggest locations where future Mars missions might seek liquid water underneath Martian soil.

dateMar 15, 2007 in Space Exploration
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Hidden fingerprints revealed

Hidden fingerprints can be now be revealed quickly and reliably thanks to two developments in nanotechnology. The news is reported in the latest edition of the Royal Society of Chemistry journal Chemical Communications.

dateMar 15, 2007 in Nanomaterials
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Video games shown to improve vision

According to a new study from the University of Rochester, playing action video games sharpens vision. In tests of visual acuity that assess the ability to see objects accurately in a cluttered space, game players scored ...

dateMar 15, 2007 in Medical research
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'Manly men' bounce back better from injury

For years, experts have said that the strong, silent male is not one to ask for help when he's hurt, and therefore at a disadvantage when it comes to getting better. But new research says this might not be completely accurate. ...

dateMar 15, 2007 in Other
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