Archive: 15/03/2007

First science from the Large Binocular Telescope

An international team headed by University of Notre Dame astrophysicist Peter M. Garnavich has reported the first scientific result from the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT). The team imaged a distant “afterglow” of gamma ...

dateMar 15, 2007 in Astronomy
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Music and Phone Calls via Bluetooth at Home

Siemens has developed a small Bluetooth-enabled device that allows to make cordless phone calls and listen to music simultaneously. The Gigaset ZX1 consists of a communicator with a button for accepting incoming calls, plus ...

dateMar 15, 2007 in Consumer & Gadgets
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Americans still not eating enough fruits and vegetables

"Eat your vegetables" has been heard at the dinner tables of America for a long time. Has the message gotten through? Since 1990 the Dietary Guidelines for Americans has recommended consuming at least two servings of fruits ...

dateMar 15, 2007 in Health
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Soy found protective against localized prostate cancer

The largest study examining the relationship between the traditional soy-rich Japanese diet and development of prostate cancer in Japanese men has come to a seemingly contradictory conclusion: intake of isoflavone chemicals, ...

dateMar 15, 2007 in Cancer
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