Archive: 01/13/2006

Researchers find new source of coherent light

With the exception of lasers and free-electron lasers, there hasn't been another fundamental way to produce coherent light for close to 50 years. However, a group of researchers from Lawrence Livermore National ...

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Science retracts cloning articles

The journal Science has retracted two articles by discredited South Korean scientist who claimed production of a stem-cell line from a cloned human embryo.

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Anti-online annoyance law may have no legs

At first it seemed like an Internet hoax. "There is a new law against annoying someone on the Internet, but it can be repealed if you forward this to 25 people." If you ask prominent online community leaders, the real law ...

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Apple fans greet new technologies

Step into the Moscone Center on the third day of Macworld Expo and it'd be hard to argue that this computer platform controls only 5 percent of the overall computer market. Throngs of users, sometimes three to five deep, ...

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The Huygens landing: one year on

One year ago this week, on 14 January 2005, ESA’s Huygens probe reached the upper layer of Titan’s atmosphere and landed on the surface after a parachute descent 2 hours and 28 minutes later.

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Anti-adhesive layers leave no hope for insects

Plants are able, using organic substances, to achieve effects that we otherwise mostly know only from technical materials. One example of this is the carnivorous pitcher plant, as researchers from the Max Planck ...

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