Archive: 01/13/2006

Scientists get first detailed look at Dicer

Scientists have gotten their first detailed look at the molecular structure of an enzyme that Nature has been using for eons to help silence unwanted genetic messages. A team of researchers with Lawrence Berkeley ...

Jan 13, 2006
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Wireless World: Sensors detect icy bridges

A suspension bridge is perilously close to collapse, but secret federal agents learn about the pending disaster on their Palm Pilots and dash to the site and are able to stop the catastrophe just in time. The real hero here, ...

Jan 13, 2006
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SEC launches formal probe of IBM accounts

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will be launching a formal investigation into IBM's earnings results, the computer giant said.

Jan 13, 2006
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Yahoo! loses French Nazi goods case

Yahoo! lost trying to get a U.S. court to intervene over a French ruling regarding the sale of Nazi memorabilia on its Web site.

Jan 13, 2006
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Globe Talk: Alluring yet perilous growth

Until not too long ago, having a domestic telecommunications company was seen as a matter of national security as well as pride, even in some of the most open economies in the world. But as public utilities have largely become ...

Jan 13, 2006
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NASA Refines Design For Crew Exploration Vehicle

NASA's Constellation Program is making progress toward selecting a prime contractor to design, develop and build the Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV), America's first new human spacecraft in 30 years.

Jan 13, 2006
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NASA's Soyuz Deal Will Not Scrap Shuttle

NASA's announcement last week that it will pay Roskosmos $43.8 million to transport one astronaut to and another one from the International Space Station this year represents the agency's acknowledgment that it has no immediate ...

Jan 13, 2006
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Women still tanning despite dangers

U.S. dermatologists say 30 million people aren't getting the message that tanning beds are dangerous to their health.

Jan 13, 2006
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Euro political blogs lagging behind U.S.

Blogging in America has been transformed into a political watchdog post shaking up today's political and journalistic worlds; however, the same effect hasn't made a significant stir in European affairs.

Jan 13, 2006
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Long-term memory controls discovered

Harvard biologists say research on the long-term memory in fruit flies may lead to new therapeutics to treat human memory loss.

Jan 13, 2006
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