Archive: 10/12/2005

Is hydrogen a viable fuel alternative?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, and a research investigator at the University of Missouri-Rolla has received a $300,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Energy to study how it might one day replace ...

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Research shows what drives voters to the polls

Through several field experiments, researchers have found that the effectiveness of voter mobilization efforts depends on quality and their personal touch among minority groups. Research demonstrates that personal telephone ...

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Focusing ocean waves for power and mondo surf

A new water lens may allow engineers to focus ocean waves. Focusing water waves could potentially enhance the output of wave-powered energy generation schemes, protect ocean front real estate from wave damage, and even amplify ...

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Molecules of light pulses

Corrected [contrubuted by Prof. Dr. Fedor Mitschke]: Researchers at the University of Rostock in Germany have made the world's first molecules of light pulses, which might allow a significant increase in the data transfer ...

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Globecom set for St. Louis

More than 1,500 telecommunications researchers from across the United States are expected in St. Louis next month for Globecom 2005.

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Report: DDoS attacks big Net threat

A new report warns that Internet service providers are facing an unrelenting barrage of distributed denial of service attacks aimed at crashing the network.

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Apple Unveils the New Video iPod

Apple today introduced the new iPod, featuring a gorgeous 2.5-inch color screen which can display album artwork and photos, and play video including music videos, video Podcasts, home movies and television ...

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Engineers build DNA 'nanotowers' with enzyme tools

Duke engineers have added a new construction tool to their bio-nanofabrication toolbox. Using an enzyme called TdTase, engineers can vertically extend short DNA chains attached to nanometer-sized gold plates. This advance ...

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US remains worst spamming nation

Security firm Sophos Inc. has published today its latest report on the top twelve spam relaying countries over the last six months. Beating China and South Korea, the United States is still the superpower of spam.

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