Archive: 11/12/2006

New find suggests whales can love

Researchers in New York have found that various types of whales possess the same emotion-producing brain cells as humans.

dateDec 11, 2006 in
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The Rise of a Giant

European astronomy has received a tremendous boost with the decision from ESO's governing body to proceed with detailed studies for the European Extremely Large Telescope. This study, with a budget of 57 million euro, will ...

dateDec 11, 2006 in Astronomy
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Climate experts search for answers in the oceans

By absorbing half of the carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere, the oceans have a profound influence on climate. However, their ability to take up this carbon dioxide might be impaired as a result of climate change. ...

dateDec 11, 2006 in Environment
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Drivers ignore the risk of mobile phone use

A George Institute road safety study has revealed an alarmingly high rate of mobile phone use amongst Australian drivers. Published in the Medical Journal of Australia this week, the survey conducted in NSW and WA found ...

dateDec 11, 2006 in Other
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