Archive: 12/11/2006

Star on a Hubble diet

How heavy can a star be? This conundrum has haunted astronomers for decades. Theory indicates that there should be an upper stellar mass limit somewhere between 120 and 300 solar masses. Even though heavy stars ...

dateDec 11, 2006 in Astronomy
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Midges send undeniable message -- Planet is warming

Small insects that inhabit some of the most remote parts of the United States are sending a strong message about climate change. New research suggests that changes in midge communities in some of these areas ...

dateDec 11, 2006 in Other
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Family and friends set the speedo

If your family and friends approve of speeding, then chances are you are more likely to plant your foot on the accelerator, a study by Queensland University of Technology has found.

dateDec 11, 2006 in Other
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New find suggests whales can love

Researchers in New York have found that various types of whales possess the same emotion-producing brain cells as humans.

dateDec 11, 2006 in
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