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Economic impact of hunger affects all Americans

While thirty-five million Americans feel the physical effects of hunger each day, every household and individual in our nation feels the economic effects. So finds a new study released today by the Sodexho Foundation and ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Viable tiger populations, tiger trade incompatible

In the cover story of this month’s BioScience journal, leading tiger experts warn that if tigers are to survive, governments must stop all trade in tiger products from wild and captive-bred sources, as well as ramp up eff ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Hormone helps mice 'hibernate,' survive starvation

A key hormone enables starving mice to alter their metabolism and “hibernate” to conserve energy, revealing a novel molecular target for drugs to treat human obesity and metabolic disorders, UT Southwestern Medical Center ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Uncovering the molecular basis of obesity

Why does the same diet make some of us gain more weight than others? The answer could be a molecule called Bsx, as scientists from the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), the German Institute for Nutrition (DIFE), ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Study identifies new regulator of fat metabolism

Over the past several years, animal studies have shown that high-fat, low-carbohydrate “ketogenic” diets cause demonstrable changes in metabolism and subsequent weight loss. Now, researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Simplicity may be key to robotic self-reproduction

“Self-reproduction is one of the remarkable feats of biological systems which has remained largely outside the scope of capabilities of traditional engineered systems,” explains Victor Zykov and his colleagues ...

Jun 05, 2007 feature
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New research might prevent asphalt damage

Repairing asphalt damage caused by water infiltration costs a great deal of money and produces extra traffic delays. Yet within the asphalt industry there is little insight into the fundamental processes leading to water ...

Jun 05, 2007
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