Archive: 06/05/2007

Where the Kids Aren't

Physical activity in children is on the decline, and this is particularly apparent in public parks. Now, NC State researchers are studying urban parks and how they are being used – or not used – by local residents, particularly ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Apple Updates MacBook Pro

Apple today updated its MacBook Pro line of notebooks with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors, memory up to 4GB, and high-speed graphics in a stunning, lightweight, aluminum enclosure that is just one-inch ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Geoengineering: a quick fix with big risks

Radical steps to engineer Earth’s climate by blocking sunlight could drastically cool the planet, but could just as easily worsen the situation if these projects fail or are suddenly halted, according to a new computer ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Female teen steroid use not limited to athletes

Researchers from the Division of Health Promotion & Sports Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University have found steroid use among teen girls is not limited to athletes and often goes hand in hand with other unhealthy ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Intel Introduces '3-Series' Chipsets at Computex

In his opening keynote at the Computex computer trade show, Intel Corporation Executive Vice President Sean Maloney unveiled the new Intel 3 Series Chipset family along with several other technology plans that surround the ...

Jun 05, 2007
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Hitachi Ships Quarter-terabyte Laptop Hard Drive

Hitachi Global Storage Technologies is today announcing volume shipment of the industry’s highest-performing and lowest power-consuming laptop hard disk drive at a quarter terabyte of capacity.

Jun 05, 2007
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Simulations unravel outer membrane transport mechanism

Using X-ray data and advanced computer simulation and visualization software, researchers at the University of Illinois have painstakingly modeled a critical part of a mechanism by which bacteria take up large ...

Jun 05, 2007
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