Archive: 05/06/2007

New research might prevent asphalt damage

Repairing asphalt damage caused by water infiltration costs a great deal of money and produces extra traffic delays. Yet within the asphalt industry there is little insight into the fundamental processes leading to water ...

dateJun 05, 2007 in Engineering
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Land conversion and climate threaten land birds

Land conversion and climate change have already had significant impacts on biodiversity and associated ecosystem services.Using future land-cover projections from the recently completed Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, Walter ...

dateJun 05, 2007 in
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How sneaky HIV escapes cells

Like hobos on a train, HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, uses a pre-existing transport system to leave one infected cell and infect new ones, Hopkins scientists have discovered. Their findings, published in the June issue ...

dateJun 05, 2007 in HIV & AIDS
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